1.1.1 Sample teaching plan, orientation meeting of first year students, principal's meeting and parent teachers meeting
1.1.1 Additional information : Time Table of all faculties
1.3.1 Activities related Institution integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability in transacting the Curriculum
1.4.1 Comprehensive feedback and its analytics
2.1.1 Certificate of Principal regarding number of students during last five years. List of admitted students of last five years from different categories.
2.3.1 Student centric methods and online resources links. NUMBER OF POST SANCTIONED BY COMPETENT AUTHORITY List of teachers during last five years
3.3.2 The first page/full paper with author and affiliation details
3.3.3 Copy of the Cover page, content page and first page of the publication indicating ISBN number and year of publication for books/chapter
5.1.1 Rate of scholarship as decided by Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Uttarakhand
7.3.1 Portray the performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust
7.3.1 Other relevant documents
7.21 7.2.1 Best practice
7.1.3 Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution
7.1.2 7.1.2 :The Institution has facilities and initiatives
7.1.1 Institution has initiated the Gender Audit and measures promotion of gender equity last 5 years.
6.5.2 IQAC report for last two years.
6.4.1 Institution has strategies for mobilization and optimal utilization of resources. Certificates of qualified students in NET/SLET
5.2.1 Number and List of students placed along with placement details
5.1.4 Committes on women harrassment cell, anti-ragging cell and anti-drug cell during last five years
4.4.1 Accession register and bills of books purchased by library Support of computer facility and utilization in the college Audit report and clarifications submitted to CAG
4.1.1 Support of infrastructure facilities
4.1.1 Support of infrastructure facilities
3.4.3 3.4.3 : Extension activities photographs
3.4.2. Photocopy of awards received by faculty members
3.4.1 Extension Activities conducted by the college during last five years. First page of books and book article
3.2.1 PR cell of the college from 2017-18 to 2021-22
2.5.1 : Mechanism of internal/ external assessment
2.5.1 Principal meeting and PTA meeting during last five years. Activities conducted by career counselling and of various departments
1.4 Sample feedback forms of teachers and students